About Us

We strive to make our vision your experience in the following ways:
  • We use an appointment system, to ensure that you don't have too wait long;
  • Both general and specialist practitioners are available, offering you a level of expertise and accessibility that you would expect;
  • Having your pet referred to and examined by the specialist can probably the best thing you can do for a chronic or serious condition;
  • All patients in hospital are cared for by qualified veterinary nurses, using the very best medical equipment, in purpose-designed and pleasant surroundings;
  • Our patient care protocols are well-established and all staff subscribe to this;
  • We have a behaviourist who offers therapy for behavioural problems, as well as training for boarded patients, puppies, adult dogs, as well as her own board-in training facility;
  • We can offer after-hours consultations and emergency consultations on public holidays (note: callouts must be paid at the time of consultation, and incur a SA Vet Council tariffed surcharge)
  • Using digital technology and Telemedicine, we have access to the services of specialist veterinary radiologists for interpretation of X-rays, MRI and CT
  • Full dental suite for pets - Dental X-Ray, top-end scaler, polisher and instruments to care for pets' teeth as well as your dentist looks after you teeth!
Green Inanda Vets
We are an environmentally conscious practice and thus have put in place the following systems to minimise our impact on the environment:
  • Water collection for irrigation;
  • Energy-saver lightbulbs along with a practice policy of minimal light use during the day; we switch off computers at night;
  • Digital X-ray system which uses no chemicals or heavy metals for processing radiographs;
  • Energy-saving appliances wherever possible;
  • A computerised record system to reduce paper usage. We also make use of our paper waste for notes etc and keep laboratory reports on the system, instead of printing them out;
  • Only planting and maintaining indigenous plants;
  • Using airconditioning only when absolutely necessary to maintain animal and human comfort;
In time we plan to get to our target of 95% paperless (it's a work in progress!)