Pet Care

Inanda Veterinary caters for the general medical care or your pets.
Consultations > Wellness Checkups > Vaccinations
Our consultations are 50% longer than the standard consult length. All patients receive a full history taking; a thorough physical examination; and an opportunity for you, the client, to ask questions.
We believe in vaccination which is tailored to the specific lifestyle and risk profile of the patient, and the disease risk in the surrounding area.
Your pet should receive a full clinical examination, to verify his or her health, before a vaccination. That takes a vet asking the right questions, and doing the right examinations. We will educate you about parasite control; help you by selecting effective and safe agents; and teach you about diet, dental health, and human health, as it relates to animal ownership.
Inanda Veterinary has the following facilities and equipment:
  • Do blood and urine tests for a wide variety of diseases, on site and within 10 minutes;

  • Take X-rays with a high-power X-ray machine, and save and process them digitally, to the same standard you'd expect for yourself;

  • Do advanced ultrasound evaluations for pregnancy, abdominal and heart disease, by a specialist;

  • Do non-invasive flexible and rigid scope examinations of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tract;

  • Do all minor and major surgeries required;

  • Do dental X-rays, atraumatic dental work of the highest level, and educate you on proactive dental care!

  • Hospitalise, care for, and even board patients, including those with medical needs eg diabetics needing insulin;

  • Dispense a wide variety of OTC (over-the-counter) medications and supplements as well as prescription drugs;

  • Monitor your pet's anaesthesia with the right equipment, in the hands of trained personnel;

  • Administer only the safest anaesthetics, and for the right reasons;

  • Ensure that the health and hygiene of our patients, staff and clients is foremost and of a world-class standard.