Inanda Veterinary invests in equipment and training to give your animals the best care they can receive!
The equipment available to our GP's and Specialist included:
  • Fully computerised medical records - always legible, rapidly transferable records with accurate dosages and client information available

  • Many drip pumps and syringe drivers - avoiding the risk of excessive fluid administration, and ensuring patients receiving the appropriate fluids or medicated infusions. All critical patients, cats and dogs <10kg are placed onto a drip pump NOT a free-flow drip, which is dangerous

  • Pulse oximetry, blood pressure, continuous ECG monitoring, CVP (central venous pressure) for critical or anaesthetised patients

  • Digital radiography (X-Ray) - a high-power Shimadzu X-ray unit allows Inanda Vets to take X-ray pictures (radiographs) of even the largest dogs, with very short exposures, to prevent excessive patient irradiation and minimise handling or sedation time. A hospital-quality Fuji CR (Computed Radiography) system processes and stores our radiographs within 25 seconds of exposure. We are linked via telemedicine to obtain the services of up to 4 specialist veterinary radiologists

  • Dental digital Radiography - A top-end Kodak 5100 + 2100 dental system to take, record and where necessary, email to a specialist dentist, all images of teeth. We KNOW that an entire tooth has been removed, we don't take chances!

  • Microscopy (for cytology and blood smears), gram staining and Giemsa staining

  • Laboratory - Inanda Veterinary has a full in-house electronic/computerised laboratory system, the IDEXX suite, linked directly to IDEXX (Netherlands) for quality assurance. We have a Lasercyte - for blood counts (red cell, white cell, clotting cells); VetTest (blood chemistry eg liver or kidney function testing, pre-anaesthetic testing, etc); and VetStat (electrolytes, blood gasses, acid-base balance, for critical patients). This means there is no delay when doing most laboratory tests, and no laboratory courier fees.

  • Endoscopy - we have a very large range of rigid and flexible endoscopes, allowing us to investigate disease without doing invasive surgery. This speeds up recovery time and reduces patient risk, discomfort and cost

  • Laparoscopy - Inanda Vets is the only small animal hospital routinely performing laparoscopic surgery to reduce invasiveness, pain and recovery times.

  • Ultrasound - Dr Zambelli has a high-end Phillips CX50 ultrasound machine with ECG, cardiac, Doppler, Continuous Wave (CW), Tissue Doppler and Speckle Tracking capabilities. Ultrasound evaluations are referred for pregnancy diagnosis, tendon injuries, abdominal and chest disease, hydrocephalus, bladder stones, and heart evaluations.

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) - we have a computerised ECG system to evaluate patients under rested and stress-tested conditions, and ECGs are also sent to Dr Zambelli for evaluation . We also have a defibrillator in case of cardiac arrest.

  • Autoclave & Disinfection / Sterilisation Unit - we have a brand-new, Class B Autoclave; all our instruments are packed in sealed steripouches or assembled in kitches with disposable sterilising paper. You can rest assured that in our hospital, kits and instruments are cleaned with high-tech, biodegradable (environmentally friendly) cleaning agents, and resealed and sterilised before being used on another patient. We don't keep instruments brewing in "cold sterilants". All sterile procedures are performed with gloves, masks, theatre caps and theatre gowns